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deal-dash-review-auctionDealDash is a US-based penny auction website which was founded in 2009. This is one of the longest-running and largest penny auction websites operating in the US today. It should also be noted that DealDash purchased the domain in 2012. Prior to going out of business, Swoopo was a dominant penny auction operating in Europe.


  • Website:
  • Competition Level: Medium
  • DealDash Coupon Code: none needed
  • Free bids at sign-up: 0
  • Other ways to get free bids: Promotions, contests
DealDash Address: 1501 Broadway 12th Floor, New York, NY 10036
Phone number: (888) 749-4066
BBB Rating: A-


DealDash Review

DealDash is a low-frill penny auction giant which seems to offer a greater volume of auctions that almost any other penny auction website. The member-base of this auction site is also very large and easily supports the number of auctions which they offer. At a glance, DealDash offers incredible product variety, auction frequency and ships everything free all-the-time (which we really like)!

DealDash Auction Features

As we mentioned, DealDash is a low-frill auction meaning that there aren’t many gimmicks. The only special auction type thei really offer are the ‘No Jumper’ auctions which help limit competition. With a No Jumper auction, bidding is closed to new bidders once the auction reaches a certain price. This prevent spoilers from entering auctions that have been running a long time.

Common DealDash Auction Products
• TVs
• Tablets (iPad, Samsung, etc.)
• Gift cards (all varieties of restaurants, gas cards, Amazon, etc.)
• Campaign and outdoor goods
• Tools (drills, saws, etc.)
• Small home appliances (deep fryers, bread makers, compact refrigerators, etc.)
• Fitness products
• High-end cameras (SLR’s, underwater cameras, etc.)
• Bid packages


DealDash Shipping and Fees

One thing that we love about DealDash (and Quibids) is free shipping! ships winning for free on all auctions in the continental USA. They do not provide shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or outside of the USA. Free shipping is rare in the penny auction world!

Is Deal dash a Scam?

DealDash has a great BBB rating (A-) but is not accredited. They have a very good reputation in the industry for making good on won auctions, providing good customer service and having a generous refund policy. They appear to be extremely open in the operating practices. We don’t see any reason to call Deal Dash a scam.

DealDash Pros and Cons

  • DealDash Pros: Lots of auctions, great product variety, free shipping, No Jumper auctions
  • DealDash Cons: Lots of bidders and competition can be rough sometimes

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DealDash FAQs

Does Deal dash offer auto-bid software?

Auto-bidding on DealDash

dealdash-autobidBidBuddy is the name of DealDash’s auto-bidding tool. On DealDash, BidBuddy is initiated by entering the number of bids and hitting ‘start’ (no start and stop points are needed). The tool will then place bids for you in the final few seconds of the auction.

  • When it bids: During the last few seconds of the auction
  • How many bids can it place per campaign: No limits
  • How many can be set simultaneously: Any number
  • Can it be deactivated? Yes
  • Restrictions: None
  • Try BidBuddy

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How does DealDash’s Buy It feature work?

DealDash has Buy It auctions where auction losers can get all their lost bids (for a given auction) replenished if they pay for the item at retail value.

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Awesome Penny Auction Site

Jan 03, 2014 by Kim Finnegan

I have been a member of since Sept 2012. It was my first experience with penny auctions but I am sure I picked the best to start with. I did try another auction site but it was so hard to understand and I never won. With DealDash, I have won over 150 auctions and at some ridiculous prices. I would recommend, and often do, to anyone and everyone. It is an A+ auction site and I am proud to be a member.

5.0 5.0 1 1 I have been a member of since Sept 2012. It was my first experience with penny auctions but I am sure I picked the best to start with. I did try another auction site b

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